Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Will Detroit be reborn?

Freep.com had an article about Detroit experiencing a rebirth. As a variety of groups such as young professionals, immigrants, and baby-boomers rediscover inner cities; will Detroit be a part of "The Fifth Migration"? Professor Robert Fishman, a professor at The University of Michigan, wrote an article about "The Fifth Migration" (which refers to people migrating to inner cities) for the Journal of the American Planning Association. Fishman spoke last night at an event called Cityscape Detroit.

Bill McGraw, a free press columnist, wrote in his article yesterday that Professor Fishman says that a Fifth Migration is under way in America. The Fifth Migration can be seen in other global cities as New York, Boston, San Francisco/Oakland, Chicago and Los Angeles. He said “the Fifth Migration is a counterbalance to sprawl in that it is slowing the rush to build at the edges of metropolitan areas.” McGraw wrote how Fishman discussed that Detroit falls behind almost every city in America that is currently experiencing a type of rebirth, but the city should one day become a part of this race. People are beginning to return to cities and this migration should happen in Detroit also. Professor Fishman is not foreseeing the return of the manufacturing economy, but is speaking of “simple urbanity -- a lively street with diverse stores and apartments on which people can enjoy the best that high-density living has to offer.” McGraw noted that Fishman said Detroit is perhaps the "most challenged" city and region in the nation, but will move forward at a slower pace than other major cities experiencing the same thing.

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